Saturday, December 17, 2005


Blah! Just returned from 3 days of slave labor, lol. Almost every patient I had was climbing out of their bed, had dementia or was combative. Ughhhh! I am totally exhausted and have done no work on my Christmas projects. Ooops! I said the WORD. I am once again not being politically correct.
Which takes me to my latest gripe. Political correctness. I am so sick of all of this. I don't take offense when other people mention WORDS that are part of their belief system which don't happen to coincide with mine, so why should anyone take offense when I say a WORD that isn't in theirs? Have we come to a place of such intolerance that we have to squabble like this? Ridiculous!
Anyway, enough of that for now. No promises that I won't revisit this subject later, lol. I have today and tomorrow off and must try to get as much crocheting done as possible or I'm not going to finish the gifts. Am currently working on the purse to go with the blue/green scarf. Should be able to finfish it today and then start on the purse to go with the purple set. Still need to finish the purple hat and afghan I started months ago(not pictured) for my sister's birthday(August, lol). Hope springs eternal. We shall see.


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