Friday, December 29, 2006

hospital woes

have taken another job, hoping it would be better.....wrong!!! This hospital job is in the lower depths of hospital hell!!! I swear, I love bedside nursing but this crap is gonna kill me!! Was scheduled for 12-24,25,26,27 all 12 hour shifts! I am exhausted!! Seemed like a bunch of pop drops to me. You know, time for Christmas celebrating so, let's drop Pop off at the hospital! Most days I had 6 to 7 patients and 5 of my group were total care! It is almost impossible to bathe,feed,change bed linens, medicate, check blood glucose levels, feed again, clean up the poops/change the bed again, medicate, blood glucose levels again, feed again, clean more poops/linens, medicate 6 or 7 patients!! That doesn't even take into consideration that the doc might write new orders which you have to do!!!!! Needless to say, I probably won't live through the holidays! I am still working my other job since I don't get insurance till Feb 6th, so am working an additional 16 hours/week there. The general idea in changing jobs was to be closer to home and see more of the family. Somehow, that is not working out. My sister came home for Christmas(from Ga.), was home for 6 days and I saw her for 7 hours!! As it worked out, since I'm new, I got scheduled for all the days around Christmas so bye-bye sis! Anyhoo, we shall see how it goes. Still hoping the hospice job opens up, that would just be perfect.


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