Saturday, January 07, 2006

Made some progress on the baby ripple for my co-worker. I think she is due this week!! I will finish this one this evening. Want to start the scripture afghan this evening also. I need more yarn for this one though and I hate to start without everything I need.....usually something disastrous happens!! So far, I have lt. sage and a buttercup yellow. I want to also use a dark neutral color like camel, almond and I think then a dark, etc. Then edge it in bone probably. This will be a gift for my Mother for Christmas so, I'm trying to use the colors in her bedroom. Yellow, green, wine, gold, linen I think. May sub the almond with a gold if I can find the right color. I would like to yarn shop this evening, but am feeling a little lazy. And, not sure what kind of selection the store I have in mind keeps. Hate to get dressed for nothing, lol.


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