Saturday, April 12, 2008


OK, long time no see. Briefly, I got the hospice job!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! But knew there would be a catch, right? I have to take and administration position in the Home Health department. Basically, starting a home health!!!!! I, who have no home health experience, am to start a home health! What, are these people crazy? Anyway, it is started, up and running and has been caring for patients since last summer. Got our survey done, WITH NO DEFICIENCIES!!!! I had to caps that, anyone in the industry knows what a nightmare a survey is. Basically, they come in and look for the needle in the haystack. If you have made any errors, I mean you better have every i dotted and t crossed or they will find it. So, I do that during the day and when I can, I take on call for hospice weekends and nights. That is the perk of this job, lol. I LOVE these patients. I don't mean that they are all wonderful. They are just like the rest of us. Some mean, some good, some with devils for family members, some a joy to be around. I mean that I get to do real patient care when it really means making a difference.
Which brings me to my next reason for visiting today. There is an incredibly guy, Randy Pausch, who is a professor at Carnegie Mellon. You simply must read his book, The Last Lecture and see the lecture itself. If will change your life!


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