Monday, January 09, 2006


Whew, finally my baby ripple is done! Don't mind the messy bed, gonna get back in it soon, lol. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates with Bernat LuLu as edging. I love how the edging came out looking like a stripe! Can't see it too well in the photo, but it's a perfect stripe pattern. Glad this one's done. The small hook and a tense hold during this project has caused tendonitis and I'm going nuts because I can't crochet! Anyway, go back to work tomorrow so it will be three 12 hour shifts and going to the hotel to fall into sleep until I get home on Friday afternoon. At which time I will pass out in my own bed for 20 or so hours! Then, back to the land of the living until I go back.....Sunday night! Yuck, I hate this part of my schedule, but I do love the next part. After my Sun,Mon,Tues then I'm usually off until the next Tuesday night! I have some education days I have to do this month that will cut into one of my long weeks, but no big deal. They are only 8 hour days and I will take my WIP with me! Gotta jet!


Blogger Jaye said...

I followed the link to your blog from Crochetville (I'm new there)and just wanted to say "Hi!" HI! This afghan is so lovely and the colours you used are beautiful. Job well done!

9:43 PM  

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