Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lazy blogger

Ok, I have been a bad blogger. I admit it, and I repent! Anyway, I have been working the last year with absolutely nooooo relief!!! Short staffed so I have been doing my job and road nursing(the part I really like.) Anyway, we had a major change in administration which shook up the whole place. Now, we are a small organization with Hospice and a Home Health Division. I still do the home health division, but the Pres of the Board/CEO is looking at profitability, so..... you know what comes next. I don't get to admit anyone who isn't profitable, ughhh. That recently took my census waaaay down. I had built a nice little census up and was getting regular referrals and then, BAM! Don't admit if this, don't admit if that, blah, blah, blah. So, I started doing other jobs in my downtime, to be helpful. Then the new administrator, which by the way, has no prior healthcare experience, starts messing with my job. She is saying things like, well, since your census is down, we'll put you here or well put you there. Now mind you, I love hospice and will do anything to further this care for the patients. However, I am not just gonna be "put" any ole place. I need to sorta know what my job is gonna be. So, I said no thak you, I will just work 4 days a week. Well, that is not the answer she had hoped for. So, she is holding my time off request for my vacation, which is in a week !!!!! Oh well, what the hay, I am going anyway, approved or not! Already booked the trip with my sister and we are going!! So, that is my rant for today, thank you very much for your support!


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