Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Return to Hospital Hell

Oh my,
The time is upon me!! Whatever shall I do??? I'll tell ya....I'm gonna return to Hospital Hell because I had to pay taxes this week and I need the money! Egads, between real estate, vehicles and income taxes I'm dropping over 2 grand! That really sucks. I even figured in buying IRA's, only reduced my amount by 100. to buy 1000. IRA. Pfff! Couldn't itemize since the standard deduction went up and I was almost there too! Since I have mileage, hotel expense in addition to the regular deductions I came close, but no cigar. Anyway, am seriously thinking of looking for work closer to home. I am tiring of the drive and staying in a motel for 3 days a week. It would be so wonderful to go to work and come home and sleep in my bed. I truly want to work hospice. Have also been thinking along the lines of consulting as well. I have experience in consulting in my prior field, so that would help. It would be like research for attorneys, worker's compensation claims, etc. Since I adore research that would be a dream. In a perfect world, I could do research for a couple of attorney's and 1-2 shifts a week locally to keep my skills current. Oh well, enough with the perfect world shit. I better get to bed so I can work tomorrow, lol.


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