Friday, April 28, 2006

Tough week

Whew! Glad to be home! Got home on Wed. and have been asleep since!!! Lost a patient this week, and I know that people think we get used to it, but......we don't. It was so sad. She was suffering and I'm glad that's over, but her children were so devastated. I hurt for them and it also reminded me that I will have to face this one day. How do you live without your Mother? The one person in this life who loves you unconditionally. It hurts me to even think about it. I had already clocked out and was ready to leave when I heard her heart monitor alarm. Someone said "she just went asystole" and we ran to her room. She was gone. Her daughters looked shocked. I felt shocked. We performed all the necessary steps when a person dies, but mostly we just comforted her daughters. We had prayer with them, held them and cried with them. Then we prepared her body and took extra care. We bathed her, applied lotion, combed her hair. Then her daughters said good-bye. I love my job and count it an honor that these people allow me to help them in their last days. So many times, doctors just want to walk away in the face of a terminal diagnosis. I feel that this part of their lives is every bit as important as the rest. We owe them the best we have in their last days. I hope I gave it.


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